Weakness Analysis Device is a special item in Counter-Strike Online.


This item only available after Zombie Scenario Re:boot.

A device that analyzes zombie boss' weakness developed by Dr.A. It will obtain combat data in live to analyze zombie boss' weakness. By possessing this item in your inventory, your damage against bosses will upgrade to a certain level varying on the grade of the item.


Weakness Analysis Device can be obtained randomly by opening Dr. A's Trunk after Zombie Scenario Re:boot. The grades of Weakness Analysis Device acquired varies on the grade of Dr. A's Trunk. For instance, opening Low Grade Dr. A's Trunk will give you a Low Grade Weakness Analysis Device.


Item Grade Effect
Lowweaknessreport.png Inferior Gives additional weak damage to boss in Zombie Scenario
Midweaknessreport.png Intermediate Gives additional average damage to boss in Zombie Scenario
Highweaknessreport.png Superior Gives additional strong damage to boss in Zombie Scenario



  • This item replaces the Weakness Analyzer which was removed after Zombie Scenario Re:boot. However, it still uses the same HUD icon with the Weakness Analyzer.

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