Thunder Squad(霹靂小組) is a Taiwan Counter-Terrorist faction in Counter-Strike Online.


Already in 1983 a special force correspond to SWAT existed in Taiwan, but through the democratization of the country and the criminality coming in from neighboring China and Hong Kong something stronger was needed. And so Thunder Squad was founded in February 1993.

Zombie Scenario StatsEdit

Kecepatan Gerak
Kekuatan Armor
Cadangan Peluru


The Thunder Squad operators in game are suited with purple uniforms and a gray helmet. According to its appearance, this player model is suitable for urban operations and recommended for maps:

Weapons and equipmentEdit

These following weapons in game has been adopted by the Thunder Squad:

P228 Icon glock Icon usp

Mp5 Ump45 P90

M4 icon

M4a1 icon M4a1hk416 M16a1 M14ebr

Barrett m95 As50

Flashbang gfx Smokegrenade gfx



  • Once the player use this model in game, he/she will get additional 30% EXP and 30% game points.
  • For Taiwan/Hong Kong version, the player will receive 50,000 game points after purchasing this model.
  • For China version, this model can be obtained for 7 days from the Promotion reward (level 10).

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