Sanctuary (de_turkey) adalah map OriginalDeathmatchTeam Deathmatch dan Basic di Counter-Strike Online.

Official descriptionEdit

  • Counter-Terrorist: Hentikan Terrorist meledakkan sisa bangunan budaya. Anggota team harus menjinakkan setiap bomb yang terpasang di bomb site.
  • Terrorist: Terrorist membawa C4 dan harus meledakan bomb di salah satu bomb site.
  • Other: Terdapat 2 bomb site di map ini.

Release dateEdit


This map was released alongside JANUS-9 on:

  • South Korea: 13 March 2014.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 25 March 2014.
  • China/Japan: 26 March 2014.


This map was released alongside MayErica and Combat knife on:

  • Turkey: 2 April 2014.


This map was released alongside Beretta ARX-160 on:

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 2 July 2014.

Infinity silver icon

This map was released alongside Infinity Silver on:

  • Indonesia: 16 July 2014.


CSO China Sanctuary Trailer01:35

CSO China Sanctuary Trailer

Secret of Sanctuary04:54

Secret of Sanctuary

CS Online - Sanctuary map(TDM)05:31

CS Online - Sanctuary map(TDM)


  • There are holograms of Keith Icahn and Ripper in this map.
  • This map features a lot of Easter Eggs (watch the videos for more details).
  • Glasses in this map will not break. When a player is fired through the window, the damage is reduced to half. Only bullets with medium to high penetration power can penetrate through the glasses.
  • The system file name for this map is de_turkey.
  • Some parts of this map mirrored ItalySantoriniMosque and Dust Zero.
  • In Turkey, it is renamed to Sultanahmed which refers to Sultan Ahmad's Blue Mosque.

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