Fortune bag is a special item in Counter-Strike Online.


Fortune bag can only be obtained through events. It gives random items for a limited time or permanently. Some of them are purchasable through shops.

30 January 2012

Players will receive one fortune bag everyday during the event period after accumulate a total playtime of 2 hours per day.






Icon anaconda cso.png Anaconda 3 days
M79.png M79 Saw Off 3 days
Icon m1887 cso.png Winchester M1887 3 days
Icon sl8 cso.png SL8 3 days
M24.png M24 3 days
Wa2000.png WA2000 3 days
Hk23.png HK23E 3 days
M60.png M60E4 3 days
M134 gfx.png M134 Minigun 3 days
Axe icon.png Parang 3 days
Choijiyoon.png Choijiyoon 3 days

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