EXP Medals are winning items in Counter-Strike Online and can be obtained by completing Mosque or any Challenge maps.


There are 3 types of medals:

  • Gold (1st)
  • Silver (2nd)
  • Bronze (3rd)

Only the top 3 players will obtain the medals after completion of Mosque or any Challenge maps. The current leading top 3s can be seen in-game on the right of the screen. Their score can also be seen so that the players will not have to check the scores by tapping the command button (Default: TAB).

Types of medalEdit

Icon EXP gain
Expmedalbronze.png 1000
Expmedalsilver.png 2000
Expmedalgold.png 4000


  • This was a reward for completing the daily mission. It is replaced with EXP coupons.

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