Battlefield supply is a kind of roulette which provides random items to player.


The old Battlefield Supply provides 4 items and one of it will be chosen. When the player clicks 'Draw' , the roulette start spinning. After it stops spinning , the player will receive the item. Only 1 draw daily.

If the player logs 5 days continously , the player will have 2 draws.

After the new interface was rolled out, players are guaranteed to receive any of the 4 items daily, with the addition of the different daily rewards provided according to the number of days(maximum of 7) logged in. Should the player fail to log in for a day, the progress resets back to day 1.

Usually the players always receive the lowest valued item because this is common , unless if they're lucky to obtain a higher value item.

Obtainable itemsEdit

Battlefield Supply upgrade eventEdit


During special event from 20th December 2012 to 30th January 2013, those items are available in Battlefield Supply:

  • AK-47 (30 days)
  • M4A1 (30 days)
  • AWP (30 days)
  • Desert Eagle (30 days)
  • AUG (30 days)
  • MG3 (30 days)
  • Dual Infinity Basic (30 days)
  • AS50 (30 days)
  • Double Up (Permanent)
  • Experience Up (Permanent)
  • Points Up (Permanent)
  • Nickname Change (1 quantity)
  • Ignore Penalty (10 days)
  • Ignore Defeat (10 days)
  • Ignore Defeat + Penalty (10 days)

From 12th February 2014 to 26th February 2014, the same event was held.

Attendance rewardEdit

If the player logs in everyday, there are prizes awaiting for each with maximum of 7 days.

Set 1

Rare random item:

Attendance reward:

Set 2

Rare random item:

Attendance reward:

Set 3

Rare random item:

Attendance reward:

Set 4

Rare random item:

Attendance reward:

Set 5

Rare random item:

Attendance reward:

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